Spring 2002 Schedule

Jan. 28Lenny YoungPieces written for the Pittsburgh Playhouse

Feb. 4(((microwaves)))(((microwaves))) are the sound of technology gone wrong. weasel walter calls us "tight and springy new/no-wave," but we fancy ourselves as more of a cross between pre-album devo and voivod.
Feb. 11A.T.S.Click here for A.T.S.' bio

Feb. 18Zombi"Zombi evokes the kind of desolate landscape where blackened, skeletal trees appear to clutch grimly at the bleak winter sky. Although completely electronic, teh music retains a look-over-your-shoulder tension free of both horror-movie kitsch and new-music pretense. Purveying the soundtrack to an impending atrocity just out of imagination's scope, Zombi occupies a realm where often the musical accompaniment, once divorced from the celluloid, is twice as unnerving." -adam macgregor
Feb. 25Satan Stomping Caterpillersretro psychadelic with sampled beats and introverted vocals. close to when they got psychadelic on sesame street.
Mar. 4The Pay Toilets"We Are Punk Rock."

Mar. 11Strict Flow"If you don't know, then just listen in... The performance will speak louder than any brief description."
Mar. 18The Code"A straight ahead punk band with an Operation Ivy-esque twist. Their energetic in your face sound combined with a positive political message about political and social issues, as well as everyday circumstances has made The Code who they are today." -- AF Records
Mar. 25Io"Io turned my vulva inside out. i swear to you they combine the best dual-guitar parts of early Don Cab with the pummeling ferocity of Shale." - Lenny Young
Apr. 1Young, Steele, MatulaJazz Trio

Apr. 8Teddy Duchamp's ArmyMelodic punk rock played fast, fun, and furiously

Apr. 15MihalyMihaly equals two guitars and a drum set. Technical and tight. Melodic and robotic. Part of the long tradition of math-infused rock n roll born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, complete with tricky time signatures and the chimes of metalneck guitars. The music is instrumental; an intellectual booty shake.
Apr. 22The ViragosPop, with elements of the 60s and brit-pop that sometimes ventures into noise-pop.
Apr. 29CattletrapInfluenced by the likes of the Minute Men, Modest Mouse, and Fugazi, Cattletrap will make you bite hard, but as always, chew slowly.
May 6McCarthy Commission80's hardcore punk at its finest. reminiscent of bands such as minor threat, black flag, and the circle jerks
May 13