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Welcome to the homepage of Advanced Calculus with Dug Loose, the weekly live band show featuring local Pittsburgh bands. Advanced Calculus can be heard exclusively on WRCT Pittsburgh, 88.3 FM. You can also listen to WRCT Pittsburgh over our MP3 Webstream. In any case, be sure to check out WRCT's webpage.

Jan. 27 Benchwarmer Inspired by such greats as the Pixies, Bad Religion, and Man or Astroman?, Benchwarmer sets forth haunting guitar parts and dischordant bass lines that often stray from one another to create their own distinct melodies. Combined with downright brutal drums, benchwarmer explodes from danceable Clash-esque rock to a super-charged punk onslaught.
Feb. 03 Boombox Last minute cancellation.
Feb. 10 Legion of the Incredibly Strange Superheroes Featuring WRCT's own Zombo. Retro rocket rock and roll that is supercharged with surf/garage roots rock.
Feb. 17 Conversions Dealing in the flare of abstracts as an approach....putting flavor in your loose it's tight
Feb. 24 The Working Poor New American Music with rock, country, and punk roots
Mar. 03 Hearts and Science Featuring former members of Boxstep,Lonely Planet Boy, Manifold Splendor and Up the Sandbox as well as current members of Life in Bed and Squonk Opera, create tuneful, cinematic,melancholy rock. Imagine the Flaming Lips, Dirty 3, and Neil Young , stirred not shaken.
Mar. 10 Adams and The Blackout NO DANCE NO DANCE NO DANCE. Alternately droney, twee, and volcanic, Adams and the Blackout cite the influence of the early-80s New York and early-90s Norwegian undergrounds. Sometimes we sound like Grimm's Fairy Tales as interpreted by John Candy to the accompaniment of a construction site. Tune in and listen to Clownie Blackout's attempts to trans-channel our 17th-century spirit guide, Jeffrey Hudson
Mar. 17 The Arco Flute Foundation Arco Flute Foundation is a semi-local instrumental ensemble that combines compositional rock with passages of improvisation, free-folk, and electronica to create a sometimes hypnotic, usually chaotic blend of white trash minimalism.
Mar. 24 Eden McNutt's Electric Insect Group Eden McNutt-voice, Lenny Young-oboe and electronics, Darryl Fleming-guitar and electronics, Jeremy Steele-bass. Electro-acoustic free improv that melds breath, hands, and electronic signals.
Mar. 31 Jeremy Boyle "Ah, freaky, mysterious music. Takes you to the outermost parts of your outermost thoughts." - Lemmy Kilminster of Motorhead
Apr. 07 The Channel Three-piece grunge pop with double vocals.
Apr. 14 Marichal Films by David Cherry
Apr. 21 Shill Rock
Apr. 28 Kevin Finn Kevin Finn is a singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His music reflects the sound of acoustic instrumentation, with songs at create auditory landscapes and tell of many things. He performs with an array of musicians, as well as playing solo.
May 05 Arrivals and Departures 4 piece rock band containing members of Joan of Arc and the ACGC
May 12    

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