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Welcome to the homepage of Advanced Calculus with Dug Loose, the weekly live band show featuring local Pittsburgh bands. Advanced Calculus can be heard exclusively on WRCT Pittsburgh, 88.3 FM. You can also listen to WRCT Pittsburgh over our MP3 Webstream. In any case, be sure to check out WRCT's webpage.

May 26 The OPD "The opd is crazy. You can tell by their clothes. One guy wears beads and they all smell bad. We were gonna get them for a dance after the basketball game but my best pal warned me you can never tell how many will show up. Sometime the guy in the Battlestar Galactica shirt doesn't show and sometimes he does show up only he brings a big bunch of crazy people and they dance all over the place. None of the kids at our school like the opd... especially since our professor told us what the words to their songs meant."
June 2 Revenge of the Nerds REVENGE OF THE NERDS plays goofy/witty and/or thoughtful pop/rock songs written by indie legend WEIRD PAUL. Besides Paul, members from diverse backgrounds (MY BOYFRIEND THE PILOT, CURSES & KISSES, CRYSTAL GYPSY TRIP) make it a most rock experience.
June 9 Aydin Shoegazer-punk-jazz
June 16 Caustic Christ Old school hardcore punk
June 23 Ben Quick Three guys and a girl playing indie rock while having a deep hatred of pronouns.
June 30 The Copyrights Hey, you guys sound like Bleach-era Nirvana
July 7 Grand Buffet We call ourselves Grand Buffet. We make music together and have so done (professionally, I might add) for years now. We don't have a record label. A lot of folks think that's not too cool and they wanna know why the hell not. Well, I'll say this: thus far, despite countless inquiries from reputable labels, both large and small, not one of them has agreed to provide us with a half-grizzly, half-shark creature capable of shitting dark matter. That, my friends, is disgusting. People are always asking about our sound. Bottom line is, we've got a great sound. I mean great. But don't take my word for it. An ambiguous but highly reputable music magazine described our last album as ". . .an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood" and described one of our live shows as "the weekly meeting of the old-boy live-animal eating club." So, in closing, I'd like to quote our 48th president (and my close friend) Abraham "Morpheus" Lincoln: "The proof is in the pudding! And the pudding tastes like barfshit!"
Lustfully yours, Lord Grunge aka The Dean Martin of Underground Hip-Hop
July 14 Miroslav Steady indie-pop in the vein of Sebadoh, Pavement, and Built to Spill.
July 21 The Claymores
July 28 Midnight Snake/Boombox
Aug. 4 Crucial Unit "Thrash-aholics Unanimous members unite!! Pittsburgh's CRUCIAL UNIT are the top vote getters in the 2003 Thrash The Vote Polls, sending salvo after salvo of relentless daisy-cutter sized bombs of humor and all-out thrash-core at politicians, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, the religious right, the Flag, and a host of other low brow jack-asses" Mordam Records.
Aug. 11 My Boyfriend the Pilot MBP often fits into categories of sound with pioniering experimental acts like Throbbing Gristle, the Residents, Diamanda Galas and Caberet Voltaire, but in truth much inspiration in the production department also comes from equally noisy indiepop godparents (Jad Fair, old Shimmy-Disc projects...) Fairly improvised sets include rough approximations of some album tracks (which for the most par cannot be duplicated live) -- a few beat-oriented minutes amidst general sound collage.
Aug. 18 The Ordinary Boys retro-80's indie pop/rock

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