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Welcome to the homepage of Advanced Calculus with Dug Loose, the weekly live band show featuring local Pittsburgh bands. Advanced Calculus can be heard exclusively on WRCT Pittsburgh, 88.3 FM. You can also listen to WRCT Pittsburgh over our MP3 Webstream. In any case, be sure to check out WRCT's webpage.

9/15 Benchwarmer Emerging from the harsh, blue-collar-beer-drinking Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Benchwarmer formed in the fall of 2001. Inspired by such greats as the Pixies, Bad Religion, and Man or Astroman?, the group sets forth hook-laden guitar parts and intricate bass lines that often stray from one another, creating their own distinct melodies. Combined with downright brutal drums, they explode from supercharged surf-punk to dance-able Clash-esque rock.
9/22 Hooray! For Everything Hooray! for Everything is an emotional rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. Spawning from the ashes of pop punk and alternative bands in Pittsburgh, four friends decided to come together musically, with the goal of doing something completely different. The name Hooray! for Everything comes from an episode of the Simpsons, and is a tribute to our enduring love of the show. The music however is a combination of each of our differing musical pasts.
9/27 Vale and Year  
10/6 The Moment Bumrush Jazz; punks with a smathering of funk and hiphop.
10/13 Brad Yoder Brad and his acoustic guitar.
10/20 origen aka will stanton raw - intelligent hip hop
10/27 Mary Celeste ex-forward motion bring the dancey rock
11/3 Midnite Snake Rock and Roll featuring members of the Modey Lemon and Pay Toilets.
11/10 ConelradTwo man tower of power. Stock up on fire extinguishers.
11/17 Guest MC Atmosphere; Music for rooms.
11/24 Alexei and the Justins  
12/1 Local Honey  

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